Imaginary Empire Games
Imaginary Empire is a micro-publisher producing character-driven roleplaying games.  Based in Wellington, New Zealand we've been producing quality roleplaying games since 2012.  We're primarily interested in games that find new and innovative ways to align the mechanics of the game with the intended experience of the players.  Here's a snapshot of our work to date:

Our debut roleplaying game, EPOCH recreates the survival-horror movie experience, and aims to evoke a genuine tense and suspenseful game over the course of a single session. There are currently more than 20 EPOCH scenarios, each bringing a different style of horror movie to your table.  EPOCH products have been nominated for ENnie Awards in categories including Best Rules, Best Electronic Product, Best Adventure, Best Free Product and Product of the Year.

Wicked Lies & Alibis was released in early 2015 and is a whodunit roleplaying game set in the age of Art Deco that allows you to recreate murder mystery stories in the finest tradition of the golden-age of detective fictionWicked Lies & Alibis won an ENnie Judges Spotlight Award in 2015.

In late 2015 Death of Legends was released, a dark-fantasy roleplaying game that tells the story of epic deeds against great odds. The game was released for free, in aid of UNICEF New Zealand.  Death of Legends won an Indie Groundbreaker Award for Best Rules in 2016.


If you'd like to get in touch with Imaginary Empire send us a message via
imaginaryempiregames [at] gmail [dot] com

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